Client Reviews

Recommended without Reservation

I was selling my home FSBO and needed a lawyer to review the documents and help me with the title transfer. I live 3,000 miles from the property that I was attempting to sell and needed an attorney close to it so that the sellers could have the closing at the attorney’s office. In my search, I called about 22 attorneys that advertised themselves as real estate attorneys. I received a return call from two. Fortunately for me, Kerry Lee Prisock was the first, and, how glad I am that he was. After reading his online reviews, I decided he was my attorney of choice. Am I glad I did? He made the 3,000 miles seem like nothing. Most of the communication was electronic via email and text. I paid for his services via PayPal (how cool is that??). I was soon to find out that he is probably the most accommodating attorney when it comes to schedules. I’ve sent texts late and received responses when most would have turned off their phones. He was actually willing to have the closing on Memorial Day (go figure!!). When the buyers ran into trouble with the time for the closing, he rescheduled one of other clients so that they could meet with him based on their schedule. 
But, this is what sets Mr. Prisock apart from all others. The transaction was complete, I had paid him and he had provided all services promised. So needless to say, I was surprised when, the next day, I received an email from him saying that the bank needed more information from me. I truly believe that if Mr. Prisock was the average attorney, he would have considered the transaction complete and I would never have received that email. The agreement had been met on both sides….there was nothing further to be done. But being who Mr. Prisock is, he went out of his way to make sure I received the information. Because I received it in a timely manner, I was able to ensure that the closing went through. 
If you haven’t decided on an attorney to help you with your situation, please consider this one. From the bottom of my heart, I believe he will serve you well.

- (5 star review)

Great Real Estate Attorney

Kerry recently helped my husband and me with the purchase of our home. We had some major issues that we needed negotiated with the seller to be able to close on the home. We are from out of state, so we weren’t familiar with any area attorneys. We called a few law offices, but Kerry seemed the most competent. We hired him without even meeting him and paid him via PayPal. He did everything he said he would and more to get us to the closing stage. He was always available via phone, email, or text. We are more than grateful that we were lucky enough to stumble upon him. We highly recommend Kerry without reservation for legal services!

- (5 star review)

Attorney You Can Trust

I currently reside in California. I have a home in Rockwall, TX that I purchased as the initial homeowner in April, 2004. My daughter had resided in the home from Day 1. Over the 10 years, I had refinanced with the lender and about two years ago, due to tax issues, I had to file bankruptcy. My lender was cooperative throughout the process. After the bankruptcy was finalized, the lender shifted gears and wanted to foreclose on my home. After falling behind several months during the proceedings, once the proceedings ended, I began making payments. After 8 months of payments, the lender suddenly refused to accept the next month’s payment and demanded payment in full of the back payments. The lender strung me along for 5-6 months, pending review of my refinance request. Then my application was denied. My daughter had to vacate her home of 10 years. I had equity in the house. The lender would not agree to let me put it on the market and sell it, paying off my debt in full and still receiving some equity after paying the Real Estate commissions and title company. The house was put into foreclosure. As the sale date drew close, I decided to fight. While in CA, I researched attorneys online that served the Rockwall area. With the clock ticking, Kerry Prisock was the first attorney to respond. I only had a couple of days before the foreclosure sale was scheduled. I asked for help to hold off the lender until I could sell my home and pay off the lender. Kerry told me step by step what he could do for me, what the courts would do, as well as what the lender would do. He told me what the cost would be from start to finish. I hired Kerry using PayPal. Everything happened exactly as Kerry told me it would. My house is currently in escrow and will close in the next couple of weeks. While I have never met Kerry personally, I know the next time I’m in the area, I will make a point to stop by his office and shake his hand. He is a man of his word. He has answered all of my questions. He has filed documents when he said he would. Not only would I highly recommend Kerry Prisock for your legal needs, I would never look elsewhere, should I ever need legal services in Texas.

- (5 star review)

New Real Estate Client

Kerry is great, he’s a responsive lawyer and is extremely reasonable on his fees. I never pay his bills and think I’m getting taken to the cleaners. He’s also very well versed in areas of real estate that are particularly important for my line of business.

- (5 star review)

Great attorney-Could not give more praises to Kerry.

Kerry Prisock negotiated our way through a heated real estate dispute involving evicting a tenant who refused to vacate the property and appealed to the courts that it could not be sold AFTER I had purchased it. I found him to be experienced, focused, and quickly responsive to our questions and concerns. I recommend him unreservedly as an excellent attorney.

- (5 star review)

Peer Review

I highly endorse this lawyer. Kerry has an excellent understanding of real estate law and associated transactions. His real estate documents are impeccable. His experience in the trenches of title work has given him great insight into the most advantageous and cost-effective ways to handle unusual situations. Kerry has drafted documents sets for many divisions of community property real estate in my divorce cases. His knowledge, ability and desire for excellence is evident in all his work I’ve observed. If you need counsel in real estate transactions, you would be well-served in seeking advice from Kerry Prisock.

Real estate

Our family needed legal assistance to divide inherited land/property. Mr. Prisock was so willing to communicate with the three of us and resolve any and all legal issues. He was a great asset.

- (5 star review)

Kerry Prisock Review

In zoning dispute Kerry has attended neighborhood meetings on weekends; he has listened to needs of homeowners and has offered several viable solutions.
Has kept us informed, very fair on what he charges.

- (5 star review)

Colleague Recommendation

Kerry Prisock has been an invaluable resource for me. He is a wealth of knowledge regarding all aspects of real estate law and his experience in the field inspires confidence and trust. I have consulted with him on several client matters with great success. I am quick to recommend his services to my own clients when their real estate needs surpass my level of expertise.

- (5 star review)

Absolutely Recommend

I’ve had the privilege of working with Kerry on a real estate legal matter. What I appreciated most was the time he took to listen and assess my circumstance. His knowledge of the real estate litigation process provided me with confidence that he was not only knowledgeable but also capable of performing. He then provided realistic options that gave clarity of what could and could not be achieved. This level of transparency was important to me due to past experiences of good intentions bad results. I would recommend Kerry Prisock for any real estate litigation matters.

- (5 star review)