Virtual In-House Counsel

Advice and counsel for any spontaneous, situational legal need encountered by a corporation, investor, lender, buyer/seller, professional, individual or family.


A July 2007 nationwide salary survey indicates that the median salary for an in-house corporate attorney with ten years of experience to be $127,939. Even a corporate attorney with less than one year of experience garners $89,076 on average. In many large metropolitan areas, outside corporate counsel at large law firms charge $500 or more per hour or more for their legal services. For most small business clients, it is not possible to employ in-house counsel or even retain outside counsel at these rates. This is particularly true for start-ups since legal fees in business formation process are some of the largest a company will encounter for some time. Worst yet, as a small business, it is difficult to gauge how frequently and to what extent you will need the services of an attorney to provide advice. The solution is a Virtual In-House Counsel!


The Law Office of Kerry Prisock provides you with a set number of hours of legal services per month for a fixed fee, which is substantially lower than the cost of an inhouse attorney. If you do not use the fixed number of hours in a given month, the unused hours roll over to the next month. With a fixed monthly rate for legal services, clients are better able to budget accordingly just like they do for rent, insurance, and other fixed expenses. The fixed cost allows you to consult with an attorney for simple matters or at the onset of more complex legal matters. By intervening early on, I can often advise you how to avoid otherwise certain legal trouble, saving not only invaluable time but untold amounts in legal fees. The Law Office of Kerry Prisock can tailor a Virtual In-House Counsel service for your specific needs. Please contact us today to discuss if a Virtual In-House Counsel is the right choice for your family or business needs!