Although corporate giants often want us to think otherwise, the world of business has all sizes. While running a business can be exciting, there can also be some bumps in the road. Often these “bumps” are obstacles that an attorney with the right knowledge and expertise can straighten out. Of course, if you aren’t very big, affording an attorney could be an issue. Fortunately, Kerry Prisock doesn’t believe it should be. Business ownership is a big part of the American Dream, and no one should feel left out.

Starting Out

When you have a great idea for a business, it’s hard not to get excited, and when you’re excited it’s easy to miss important details that could mean losing business. One of the first important decisions you’ll make as a business owner is entity selection.

Individuals that work alone begin as sole proprietors, but many come to the realization that they need more. But which is right? A Limited Liability Corporation (LLC)? A Limited Partnership? A General Partnership? What’s the difference?

When evaluating the varying choices of business entity, you need experienced legal counsel to protect your interest.  I will review, prepare and file all documents necessary to establish a business in good standing for doing business in Texas.

Growing Your Business

As your business achieves a little more success, you may want to update its structure. Maybe you need more funding and need to add a partner or open the business up to shareholders or stake holders. You may also need to form temporary relationships with other business or define benefits that will be offered to employees.

Kerry Prisock can help here too. Having all the details clearly laid out and organized will not only make your growth pursuit less stressful, but it will help you build your credible reputation that will earn you both customers and investors.  The Law Office of Kerry Prisock provides legal services regarding contract drafting, letters of intent, acquisition and financing agreements, employee and contractor agreements, leases, non-compete and non-disclosure agreements, and other legal services aimed at keeping your business running in a smooth and efficient manner.  I will ensure that all documents are well drafted and fulfill your stated purposes, all of which is very important for the protection of both your business and personal assets.

Unexpected Storms

Taking time to take care of the details can prevent a lot of negative issues from arising in your business. Unfortunately, no protection is foolproof. If your business is not ready to have an attorney on staff to be available at your disposal, consider hiring Kerry Prisock as your virtual in-house counsel.

The Virtual In-House Counsel program provides all the services and resources of corporate general counsel without the payroll expenses and overhead associated with full-time representation.

Virtual In-House Counsel

Advice and counsel for any spontaneous, situational legal need encountered by a corporation, investor, lender, buyer/seller, professional, individual or family. Find out more about In-House Counsel by clicking the link.